Union and excellence..
Talent and Entrepreneurship.

In the Cerrado Mineiro Region, where coffee production has its great diversity, the Naimeg Group cultivates its singularity. It is the talent inherited from our Patriarch Gerson Naimeg that make us produce in the heart of the best terroirs, our excellence. It is the union of our family we seek forces to grow up.

As a remarkable result of entrepreneurship, which began in 1965, today the Naimeg Group remains a 100% family organization, dedicated to produce custom-made high quality coffee.

Our story

Our story producing coffee begins in 1965 when Gerson Naimeg, son of German immigrants, and his wife Hercília Mafra, start their first coffee plantations in northern Paraná State. Years later, in 1981, after have their plantation hit by three major frosts, it was necessary to brave new frontiers to continue perpetuating their dream. Then, Gerson Naimeg decided to immigrate to the Cerrado Mineiro Region. Nowadays, it is through the union of his six sons that we continue preserving our history and our legacy of over 50 years.

Our vision

Our main statement as a Coffee Growers Family is to become a reference in the Cerrado Mineiro Region in terms of production of high specialty coffees by tailor-made way, taking into account the different market demands.

Our purpose
as coffee growers

Produce tailor-made green coffee by preserving our excellence, the diversity of flavors and aromas, making them available to the market over a sustainable and really close professional relationship with our clients and partners.