We are proud to produce
custom-made specialty coffee

Our greatest pleasure is to produce custom-made, through the know-how of half a century of our family, high quality green coffees, based on a rich palette of sensory profiles, from our three noble terroirs located in the Cerrado Mineiro Region.

We are the authentic coffee artisans.

We believe that our work is similar to the “haute couture” (high sewing), made by the great dressmakers who produce unique pieces of clothing customized to their clients. As similar as in the haute couture, the new world of coffee demand for exclusive products, origin and and high quality guarantee and of course, for authentic stories that valorize people and their families.

A singular place to
preserve our story and know-how.

Yes, we have a singular place to preserve our story and know-how - the Maison Naimeg. It is our starting point to immerse in the heart of high excellence coffee production. An unbelievable experience that involves the production of custom-made coffee lots, going through all the processes and having the benefit to prove our diversity into our experimental atelier.